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In time for Halloween 


     Zombie Destroyer is currently a three level demo. It is not finished and has been on the back burner for a little while. I have started development again, and with your support and generosity you are able to support my game development career. I would be happy knowing that you guys would want and support this project! :)

Pay what you want. Even if it's only a dollar, it will go towards the development to finish the game. Features I'd like to implement/develop: procedural generated levels, a story mode, polished art, and unlockable items. It would be developed for mobile and PC all at once. Help us kickstart this into overdrive!

Thank you!

Project started: October 23, 2014

Amount raised to date:  $0.00


More games here: http://jeffwise.itch.io/

Install instructions

Extract the .rar file into a folder with Winrar and click on .exe file to start.


zombie destroyer.zip 40 MB