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Take control of "Fin" as you venture deep into the Ocean's depths and into the Danger Zone to acquire ancient scrolls that lead contain life fulfilling wisdom and clues leading to treasure. On your adventure you will be competing for the highest score by flopping and collecting as many rings as you can in each run. Compete against your friends and others on the online leader boards, and unlock all 13 achievements while watching Fin's story unfold. and mysteries that Fin's been searching for all his life. On your path you will gain wisdom, reputation, new friends, and even some new game modes.


* An Arcade game that is fast paced, challenging, and addicting!

* 45 SCROLLS TO COLLECT. Each containing philosophical writings and wisdom.

* 2 FISH TO UNLOCK. Luna, a pink girl fish, and Ponch, a big ol Red fish that flounders about.. Each will help you get even further on each of your runs!

* 2 GAME MODES TO UNLOCK. In Intense mode the speed becomes hectic and challenging, and in Kamikaze mode, be prepared to dodge and escape angry piranhas which will make the game much more difficult to play.

* Animated cut scenes and a very cute story line.

* Full Ranking system with 30 unique ranks to achieve.

* 13 Achievements and Online Leader boards.

* Menu Score Board: Displays your top 5 best runs, along with your Rank and total rings collected.

* Scored high in Flappy Game Jam, inspired by Flappy bird.

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