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Destroy the Colossus, once and for all


  Colossus and Bob is a proof of concept project. It is a playble 3 level demo to showcase the main mechanics and characters. It is not finished and has been on the back burner for a little while.
  With your support and generosity you are able to support my game development career. If you like or admire what you see, please think about donating. I would be happy knowing that you guys would want this and support my game development career.  :)

  Pay what you want. Even if it's only a dollar, it will go towards the development to finish the current game I'm working on. Features I'd like to implement/develop into this: more characters and levels, polished art, and more power mechanics. It would be developed for mobile and PC all at once.

Thank you!


CnB.apk 16 MB